Amy’s Testimonials


Read what our clients have to say about Amy!


Amy takes charge of all the details related to planning a vacation – nothing is too big or too small for her to consider. This allows me to focus on the excitement of looking forward to my vacation while having the assurance that everything will go smoothly. Her attention to details – before, during and after the vacation – along with her positive attitude is what sets her apart from other travel agents. She always seems to be an expert in any location I am considering as a potential vacation. I can’t imagine booking any travel plans without her invaluable assistance. – Shannon L., NC

Our family is well traveled and used to getting around many places in the U.S. and Caribbean. We are vets of all things Orlando and have helped our friends and family plan trips to Disney World and beyond. So I was one that believed I didn’t need a travel agent and could do it all on my own. Yes, you CAN do it on your own, but should you? Yes, you CAN defend yourself in court, too (not to compare a serious legal matter to travel, but you get the point).

When we talked with Amy about trips over the last year, my favorite part was being involved as much as I wanted to be, but not worrying about details. It was refreshing and freeing to allow someone who knows way more than me to take the helm. The best part, though, was the 1.1 million questions we had leading up to our first Disney Cruise in early 2015. Amy was super-duper patient and responsive throughout the entire planning period. We were so excited and had a great time. Amy is also amazing at other stuff outside of Orlando. We have had a bunch of questions about other destinations and her advice has been helpful.

We will travel several times a year. That is our thing. Amy is our go-to person! Life is too short to do all of the planning yourself anyway. 🙂 – Jim E., NC

Working with Amy made for the easiest, most stress-free vacation! She listened to our needs and wants, and never pressured us into anything that didn’t fit. All of her tips and recommendations – from traveling, to dining, to making the most of our fast passes – were spot on. Her availability, organization and insights set us up for an amazing Disney vacation full of fun memories. We are repeat clients! – Amy P., NC

Amy at DWB was outstanding at planning our family’s Disney vacation. Amy knew exactly how to intricately schedule everything we wanted to see and do without wearing us out. She is gifted at helping people’s dreams come true and knows exactly how to take the burden off her client’s shoulders. We highly recommend Amy to all our friends! – Merrit J., NC