We Like To Party! And you will too! Why you should go to the after hour parties at Disney

Disney offers some pretty awesome after hour parties throughout the year, but not all guests choose to purchase tickets to these awesome events. There are multiple parties for this coming fall like Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween and Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, but you don’t have to wait until the fall. There are also parties for this summer that you still have time to enjoy like H20 party nights at Typhoon Lagoon or Villans After Hours party at the Magic Kingdom. Also, special after hours nights at Hollywood and Magic Kingdom are happening now. All of these events are a great way to enjoy a little more time in the parks with some extra magic. I’m sure your question is…”Why spend the extra money?” There are many reasons so let’s talk about them.

Smaller Crowds
Since the amount of tickets that are sold to these events are limited the number of people in the parks is significantly lower than on an average day. This means you are able to move more freely through the parks getting a chance to ride on attractions that might have a longer wait normally. You are also able to get better pictures without so many people in the background of your photographs. Plus as an added bonus the lines for your favorite foods and treats are significantly lower than they normally are. This might be your time to finally try that treat that the lines have always been to long for. Everyone loves a smaller crowd at Disney. Parties are a great way to maximize your time since the crowds are far smaller.


Special Food and Treats
Along with the special party nights comes the special party themes which brings all the special party theme foods and drinks. Each of the different parties have their own specialty items that the foodie fans are sure to love and even non foodie fans are excited to try. Some events like the after hour parties at Hollywood and Magic Kingdom even include select ice cream and popcorn as well as bottled soft drinks in the ticket price. Even if you are not interested in the special foods having shorter lines at the regular food venues is a great way to be able to try some of the foods that long lines that normally people are discouraged from trying because of longer lines.

Extending your Trip
Party tickets are half day tickets with most of the events starting in the early evening. Party tickets can be a great way to extend your trip by giving you an extra half day at a park. With most party tickets you can enter whatever park the party is taking place in as early as 4pm. So you can spend the day enjoying your resort, lounging in your pool or the other amenities at the resort and then spend the early evening into the wee hours of the morning having a blast at a park. Going to one of these parties gives you at a minimum of 5 hours at a park for in most cases less than the cost of adding on an additional day to your reservation.

The point is…
Disney party tickets are a great enhancement to your family vacation. It gives you access to some of your favorite parks with much smaller crowds. It also gives you a chance to experience special treats and shows that you wouldn’t see at any other time in your Disney stay. Party tickets are a wonderful way to add a little more magic at the most magical place on earth.

Basic Party Information

Disney H2O Glow Nights
At Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon
Select nights now until August 24, 2019.
Party is from 8pm to 11pm but guests with tickets may begin entering the park at 6pm.
DJ- hosted dance party on the sandy beaches of the Surf pool
Playful mix of Toy Story- themed experiences featuring Character appearances
Tempting array of limited- time food and beverage offerings
Special area just for adult party goers

Disney After Hours at Hollywood Studios
Select nights now through the end of July.
3 hour park event featuring some of your favorite attractions, ice cream and popcorn carts and Character Greetings.
Purchased in advance tickets are $125 per person plus tax. Purchased the day of the price increases to $129 per person plus tax.
Ice cream novelties, popcorn and select bottled beverages are included with the cost of admission.
Guests may enter the park at 7pm with the private event taking place from 9:30pm till 12:30am.

Disney’s After Hours at Animal Kingdom
Select dates now through September 2019.
3 hour park event featuring some of your favorite attractions, ice cream and popcorn carts and Character Greetings.
Purchased in advance tickets are $125 per person plus tax. Purchased the day of the price increases to $129 per person plus tax.
Ice cream novelties, popcorn and select bottled beverages are included with the cost of admission.
Guests may enter the park at 7pm with the private event taking place from 9pm till 12am.

Disney Villains After Hours at Magic Kingdom Park
Select dates from now through August 8th
Three hours of access to over 20 popular attractions including thrilling villain inspired surprises at some attractions after the park closes.
Special Villains show at Cinderella’s castle and Maleficent breathing fire during the night.
You get to dress up in favorite villain gear and purchase special villain themed items.
Sinfully delicious villain-themed food and beverage offerings for purchase.
Ice cream, popcorn and select bottled beverages are included with the price.

Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween
Select nights from August through November at the Magic Kingdom
Trick or Treating through out the park with allergy friendly fun as well.
Costume fun for the whole family.
Your favorite characters will be in costume too and special appearances by some villainous clients.
Ghoulishly good eats, special stage shows and fireworks show.

Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party
Select dates in November and December
Select attractions are open with lower wait time
Special holiday treats and eats
Special character appearances
Cinderella’s castle shimmers, joyful music fills the air and Disney characters don their most festive attire.

Myth Busting: Travel Advisor Edition

Thank you to our friends at Travel Insured International for sharing!

Travel Advisor Myth Busting

by Travel Insured | Mar 27, 2019

There’s no denying that the travel industry is drastically different than it was a century, a decade, or just a few years ago. Travel advisors used to virtually be the only source of travel information besides the shuffle between outdated pamphlets and books.

Now travel advisors find themselves fighting through the noise to prove that the internet is not the be-all-end-all and that they’re still the travel experts.

With this extra burden to carry, travel advisors are also feeling the burden of stereotypes. Through Travel Insured’s close work with advisors every day, we’ve gotten to see just how mythological these stereotypes are:

Myth VS Fact

Myth: Travel advisors are obsolete.
Fact: There’s no denying that the internet is an awesome travel-research tool. Travel advisors help travelers sort through all of the “internet fluff” to get to the core of what they are looking for in a dream trip.

Myth: Travel advisors try to sell expensive options to get the highest commissions.
Fact: Travel advisors are invested in converting a one-time client to a lifetime client. To do so, travel advisors work with their clients not to create the most expensive trip, but to ensure their trips are exactly how they envision every time.

Myth: Travel advisors require a huge fee for their services.
Fact: Many travel advisors don’t charge a fee at all, and if they do, a service fee is typically minimal compared to the time and stress spent when travelers plan trips on their own.

Myth: Travel advisors book only cookie-cutter trips.
Fact: Travel advisors’ main goal is to create a trip catered to their client’s vacation vision. Whether that vision is Disney, a safari, or a secluded island getaway – travel advisors are skilled to ask pointed questions to plan the dream trip.

Myth: Travel advisors don’t offer more than the internet.
Fact: The travel industry has never been more convoluted since the rise of the Google search. Travel advisors receive special offers as a travel industry insider, have more leverage in travel bookings, and more experience scanning through the internet jargon.

Travel advisors aren’t a thing of the past – they’re a thing of the present and future. Along with travel protection, travel advisors help ensure travelers vacation relaxed, secure, and insured.

Overcoming the fear of Disney World in the Summer

We promise, you won’t melt!

Disney World in the summer. When I say those words what is the first thing you think of? Heat, humidity, sweat, the scorching sun, am I right? What if I told you that you were thinking about Disney in the summer all wrong? When I think of summer at Disney World I think low crowds, not missing school and a chance to save some money. I know people have a fear of the heat when traveling to Disney World in the summer, but I have some reasons that might cure that fear of Florida summers permanently.

Reason Number 1 Smaller Crowds: 
There are so many reasons to travel to Disney World in the summer, but the most important of these is that there is a significantly lower crowd. Most people are afraid of Disney World in two situations- the heat and the rain. This is what makes it the perfect time to go. You can walk through the park without having to bump into people. Go shopping or get food without having to push through crowded stores. You can even sit with your family to watch a show or a parade without people sitting on top of you. Most importantly though you can go from attraction to attraction with little to no wait! Just think you can go on your favorite attractions over and over again with little to no wait! Not having to spend hours in lines also means that you have the time and the freedom to truly enjoy all of the amenities that Disney World has to offer. This allows you to come and go between your resort and the parks so you get a better chance to enjoy both. You can do an early morning in the park, head back to your resort for an afternoon dip or nap and then head back to the park in the evenings. You are truly able to go with the flow and live your best life.

Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party starts mid- August. Look how low those crowds are on a summer day!

Reason Number 2, School and Cost:
The second major reason to travel to Disney World in the summer is to not miss school. There are many parents that take their children out of school during the school year for a trip, you are my people. However, there are many people who can not take their children out of school. Perhaps your child is older and is not in a grade where they can easily miss a lot of school work. A member of the family might be a teacher and is unable to miss work to spend time on a vacation. For these families there is only one option, to go when school is off. The problem with going to Disney World or really any travel destination when school is not in session is that is when everyone goes. This means crowds and usually a higher total trip cost. However, summer in Disney World does not follow this rule. Since people are afraid of the heat in Florida this is the perfect time to travel for the folks that can not miss school. The crowds are light, and the prices are typically lower. It is a win-win situation. You get to go to Disney World for less money and do not have to deal with the crowds that are typically there for spring or winter break. Yes, it is hot, but what is a little heat when you get to have a better-quality vacation for less money?

Ice Cream makes a hot day much more magical, especially if it is Mickey shaped!

Reason Number 3, The Heat:
So, let’s talk about the heat. Yes, it is hot in Florida and it is humid, but where is it not? Most of the US deals with either extreme heat, humidity or both during the summer months. The question is where do you want to deal with that heat? Do you want to be sitting on a field watching your kid play soccer or baseball or watching a Disney World parade? Do you want to be in an air-conditioned office or in an air-conditioned attraction? A hot and humid day at Disney World beats a day anywhere else. At least at Disney World there are Mickey ice cream bars!

So, let’s overcome that fear of Florida summer together. Yes, you will be hot, but that wont change if you stay home. At least if you go to Disney World you and your family get to make amazing, magical memories with low crowds while you get to save some money. So, no more fear instead lets say Disney World this summer for sure!

Tips for beating the summer heat in Disney World
No More Fear!
• Get to parks at opening, take a mid afternoon break and then return to the parks at night.
• Take advantage of your resort pool!
• Upgrade to a water park ticket! There are two water parks with so much to do!
• Take water misters that you can carry with you.
• Use hand held fans that are battery powered or that you can charge the night before! Amazon has some great options.
• Use cooling rags! The Frogg Togg cooling towels on Amazon are awesome.
• Order FREE ice water at any quick service locations.
• Use those snack credits for Ice Cream or Frozen Drinks.
• Take advantage of indoor waiting and lounging areas with air conditioning.
• Ride water rides like Splash Mountain or Kali River Rapids.
• Be sure to stay hydrated and take breaks from the sun.
• Escape to a bathroom or a store for a blast of air conditioning.
• Make afternoon full service dining plans to sit inside and escape the heat in the worst part of the day.
• Run through the park in the afternoon rain storms. The park will empty out even more and the rain will cool you down.
• Make sure you use plenty of water proof sunscreen and reapply often. The summer sun can be      brutal to your skin if you do not protect it.


World’s largest cruise ship

Royal Caribbean International took ownership of the world’s largest cruise ship!

Thirty-six months, 4,700 shipbuilders and crew, and one common goal: to deliver the ultimate family adventure. Royal Caribbean International honored the instrumental project team of Symphony of the Seas during the highly anticipated delivery event at STX France shipyard in Saint-Nazaire, France. Michael Bayley, President and CEO of Royal Caribbean International, Richard Fain, Chairman and CEO of Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd., and Laurent Castaing, General Manager of STX France, led the traditional flag-changing ceremony, which symbolizes the ship’s official delivery from the ship builder to Royal Caribbean.

Symphony of the Seas by the numbers
























To book your adventure on Symphony of the Seas or on any vacation, please contact your favorite DWB Vacations agent today!

Royal Caribbean Cruise Line provides the ultimate family experience

Royal Caribbean is redefining the family vacation with the most adventurous and dynamic family suite in travel. Set to debut in March 2018 on board the world’s largest cruise ship, Symphony of the Seas, the next generation of family accommodations comes to life with the two-level Ultimate Family Suite. Filled with activities and amenities designed for discovery, from an in-suite slide and a floor-to-ceiling LEGO wall to a 3D movie theater-style room, the 1,346-square-foot space activates the imagination of travelers of all ages.





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2019 Walt Disney World Resort Packages

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Real ID changes coming to U.S. Travel ID requirements

You may have heard a lot of chatter about the changes to driver’s license in the US. If you are planning on flying on or after January 22, 2018, you need to make sure you understand the new requirements and that you meet them. Travel Insured International, the preferred travel protection provider of DWB Vacations, has a great article explaining the changes. Some states have already adopted the changes while others have not.

But how do you know if your state is compliant or not for REAL ID?

You can easily go to the Homeland Security website and check. As long as your state is listed as complaint, your license is acceptable until October 1, 2020. If your state is not complaint, you need to have a secondary form of identification like a passport in order to fly.


How do I get a passport??

Getting a passport is a painless process! There are just 5 simple steps…Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 2.08.54 PM

  1. 1) print the application (not sure which form? try the form wizard)
  2. 2) collect the needed documents
  3. 3) have your picture taken
  4. 4) pay the fees
  5. 5) submit it!


Make Memories with Universal Holidays

You already know we love the Universal Orlando Resort! If you follow us on Facebook, you may have seen our pictures from previous trips, including our trip last December to experience Grinchmas! Well this year they are stepping it up a notch (or two!). Check out this video for what you can expect this year and then call your favorite DWB Vacations agent to book your stay!

In case you didn’t see any of our Universal Orlando Resort trip last year, here’s some of the fun…


Macy’s Holiday Parade









The balloons from the Macy’s Thanskgiving Day parade were one of our favorites!





The Who’s from Whoville came out to say HI!




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