Disney’s Photopass captures even Mom

As a camera toting mom, I’m always trying to catch every memory with my family.  And I’m rarely in any of the pictures. This is partially because I don’t trust my beloved DSLR to anyone else.  Even when I do hand over my digital baby to my hubby that means he’s not in the picture. It’s not like I’m carrying my tripod and camera remote into the Magic Kingdom to set up for that perfect family shot. With Disney’s Photopass, we are all in the picture! And we get our family shot with Mickey, in front of Cinderella’s Castle and with lots of other favorite characters and places.

Disney Photopass photographers are available throughout the parks. When they take your picture, they scan a small credit card size card and give it to you. Each time you have your picture taken, they scan this card. Either back in your hotel room or once you arrive back home you log into the Disney Photopass site (and log in your card numbers. All of your shots will appear in your account after you have entered the card numbers. You then have the opportunity to edit them and add great Disney borders or character signatures to the pictures.  Once you are done you can order a CD copy of all of your pictures, create a photobook or design unique personalized gifts featuring your memories!

To find out more about Disney’s Photopass, fan site Stitch Kingdom have created this excellent guide.

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