What is the Best Age to Visit Disney World?

We often hear “I want to wait until she/he will remember it” or “I want to go while they still believe in the magic”. The truth is, every age is a perfect time to visit the Walt Disney World Resort.

Babies and toddlers can be easy to take because they will often sleep in their stroller. Pre-schoolers are of course much more aware of all that is going on. Elementary school age children still love the characters and aren’t too cool for Mickey yet. Middle and high school age children are great because they can stay out late and don’t need you to ride their favorite roller coaster. And going as an adult turns you into a small child again.

As for remembering the trip, you never know what they will remember. I first stepped foot in the Magic Kingdom when I was about 16 years old. I remember very little other than how amazing it all was. My second trip was right after I married my prince charming (about 14 years ago).  We talk about that trip and frankly, there’s a lot we don’t remember. Of course from both of those trips there are key moments, or magical moments, that stand out but those are primarily of things that we have pictures of.

In addition, the trip is not just about the child(ren). You as the parent or grandparent will be making your own memories. The 2 year old may not remember the first time she hugged Minnie Mouse, but YOU will never forget that magical moment when she squealed and ran to Minnie for the first time. You will never forget the crazy afternoon rain shower when you and your 4 year old got drenched and went puddle jumping while everyone else ran for cover. You will never forget that little boy being tall enough (and brave enough) to hop on Tower of Terror for the first time. The memories belong to each one of you…not just the baby, toddler, preschooler, or big kid.

The important thing is take the time to make those moments happen before it’s too late. As specialist in planning family vacations, the team at DWB Vacations wants to help you plan those moments. Our services are personalized to fit your family and your needs…not just generic advice for anyone that happens to pick up a book. And when you book through us, our services are no cost to you. In fact, we usually are able to save our clients money over booking it themselves.

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