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I hear from people all the time, “I am waiting to book my Disney vacation until the promotion comes out” or “I’m waiting for free dining”. Waiting for the best deal is not always the best way to save money on your Disney vacation. In some cases it can actually cause you to end up spending more than you will save. In recent years, it is best to book your Disney trip as early as you can to be sure to get the best prices and availability possible. Let’s debunk the myth that waiting for a deal is the best way to save on a Disney vacation (or really any vacation).

There are no guarantees
With Disney and the products that they offer there are no guarantees. Until your trip is booked your prices are not guaranteed. You could be checking the web everyday waiting for that perfect deal to be released, and one day with no warning the prices can increase or additional costs and fees could be added such as the recently added parking fees. There are also no guarantees that a promotion will be offered for when you want to travel. The promotions that are offered often have many different conditions which can cause you to spend more money than you are actually saving. There is no guarantee your package meets the requirements for a promotion that comes out. As travel advisers, we see it all the time. A promotion is released but in order to qualify for it clients must be traveling for a certain number of nights, stay at certain resorts in select room types or have a certain type of park ticket. This can end up costing our clients more than they actually save.

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Prices can increase
Disney does price increases at different times throughout the year. This is why it is important to book your vacation as early as possible. When you book your vacation and place your $200 deposit you lock in your price. The only way the price will change is if you make some type of change to the reservation. When you book your Disney vacation with DWB Vacations your travel adviser will monitor Disney for any possible promotions that are released that will save you some money. This is part of our concierge service. Sometimes promotions are released that are not helpful to our clients. They may result in higher prices for our clients. We are diligent at analyzing the promotions that are released and ensure that our clients get the most value for their money. We are here to help you. As soon as you make your reservation with a DWB Vacations adviser we give you our full attention to ensure that you get the best value in your vacation. If we can save you some money doing so, it makes us even happier.

Availability can disappear
As promotions are released with their restrictions certain room types at certain resorts can disappear very quickly. This can make it difficult for you to reserve your dream room or resort for your vacation. By making your reservation earlier in the year you can ensure that you have the exact room and resort that makes your heart happy. Your travel adviser can always make changes to your reservation without penalty up until thirty days before your trip. Reserving your room early with just a $200 dollar deposit helps you get as much on your wish list as possible. This is also true for dining reservations and fast passes. When waiting for a promotion to be released your 180 day window for dining reservations or 60 day window for fast passes might have already begun. By making your reservation early your DWB Vacations travel adviser diligently monitors those dates as well to ensure that you are able to make those reservations when your window of time opens so you have the best chance at availability. Dining and fastpass reservations are easily cancelled or can often be modified once they are created, however waiting for a promotion can cause you to miss the harder to book reservations.

Your Travel Adviser is on the Case
When you book a Disney Vacation package your adviser is on your side and on the case. We have a whole team working together to look for discounts for our clients. When a promotion is released the whole team works diligently to check those promotions for every single package booked by a DWB Vacations travel adviser. We work diligently, usually hours before you are even aware that a promotion is released to try and save our clients as much as possible. When you book a vacation early it allows your agent to share your trip details with the team so that you then have a team of advisers working together in your best interest.

We understand the costs that are associated with a trip to Walt Disney World, and we completely understand why you want to wait for a promotion to be released. We want you to have the most enjoyable vacation possible without breaking the bank. The best way for us to do this is for you to book your vacation as soon as possible. Then trust in us, your team at DWB Vacations, to get you the best price from any promotions offered. We are here for you. Please help us, help you.

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