Myth Busting: Travel Advisor Edition

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Travel Advisor Myth Busting

by Travel Insured | Mar 27, 2019

There’s no denying that the travel industry is drastically different than it was a century, a decade, or just a few years ago. Travel advisors used to virtually be the only source of travel information besides the shuffle between outdated pamphlets and books.

Now travel advisors find themselves fighting through the noise to prove that the internet is not the be-all-end-all and that they’re still the travel experts.

With this extra burden to carry, travel advisors are also feeling the burden of stereotypes. Through Travel Insured’s close work with advisors every day, we’ve gotten to see just how mythological these stereotypes are:

Myth VS Fact

Myth: Travel advisors are obsolete.
Fact: There’s no denying that the internet is an awesome travel-research tool. Travel advisors help travelers sort through all of the “internet fluff” to get to the core of what they are looking for in a dream trip.

Myth: Travel advisors try to sell expensive options to get the highest commissions.
Fact: Travel advisors are invested in converting a one-time client to a lifetime client. To do so, travel advisors work with their clients not to create the most expensive trip, but to ensure their trips are exactly how they envision every time.

Myth: Travel advisors require a huge fee for their services.
Fact: Many travel advisors don’t charge a fee at all, and if they do, a service fee is typically minimal compared to the time and stress spent when travelers plan trips on their own.

Myth: Travel advisors book only cookie-cutter trips.
Fact: Travel advisors’ main goal is to create a trip catered to their client’s vacation vision. Whether that vision is Disney, a safari, or a secluded island getaway – travel advisors are skilled to ask pointed questions to plan the dream trip.

Myth: Travel advisors don’t offer more than the internet.
Fact: The travel industry has never been more convoluted since the rise of the Google search. Travel advisors receive special offers as a travel industry insider, have more leverage in travel bookings, and more experience scanning through the internet jargon.

Travel advisors aren’t a thing of the past – they’re a thing of the present and future. Along with travel protection, travel advisors help ensure travelers vacation relaxed, secure, and insured.

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