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The Making of an Icon

Royal Caribbean continues to out do themselves! Each ship is more innovative than the one before and that includes the spaces for the crew. The crew is just as important as the cool new meeting space or the next hot show they produce.

The dedicated crew is the heart and soul of every Royal Caribbean vacation. In “Making an Icon: Creating the Crew’s Neighborhood,” get the first look at the new home away from home designed for the 2,350 crew who will bring the world’s best vacation to life. The experts, captain and crew members walk through how they started with a blank slate and designed the evolution of their public spaces and rooms with the help of the crew themselves. From the cruise line’s first room patent to more ways to get together, kick back and celebrate in dedicated spaces across four decks, the neighborhood sets a new standard of home and community for our world-class crew. The Icon of Vacations sets sail in January 2024.


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