Think Outside the Box: Give the Gift of Memories This Christmas

Happy July, friends! The summer sun is shining bright, Margaritas are making a comeback to your poolside and you may even be finding a little sand between your toes after a long day at

the beach. Isn’t summer relaxation mode THE VERY BEST? You’ve finally found yourself in a place where you’ve shed some of that stress. 

Wouldn’t it be amazing to find a respite similar to this during the hectic months of the holidays? Better yet, wouldn’t it be incredible to give an experience this Christmas that would bring memories and solace to the people you love the most? 

Let’s face it, we are already halfway through 2024. Believe it or not, this is the perfect time to start thinking about Christmas. Yes, you heard that right! We’re already talking about Christmas, and we’ve got a fantastic idea for you this year. Instead of giving the usual presents that might end up gathering dust, why not give your loved ones an unforgettable experience?

Why Give an Experience This Christmas?

Of course, you can always stash beautifully wrapped gifts beneath your tree, like you’ve done for so many years. But as we all know, most of those presents will likely be lost among the Island of Misfits before the year is even over. 

Why not think beyond the “box” this year? Forgo investing in things and spend your precious-earned dollars creating unforgettable experiences that will last a lifetime. 

Make Memories Over Material: Travel experiences create memories that last well beyond the year’s trending treasures. Whether it’s a family vacation, a romantic getaway, or an adventurous trip, these moments are cherished far more than material possessions.

Create Personal Experiences: Tailoring a trip to someone’s interests shows thoughtfulness and care. It’s a gift that says, “I know you, and I want you to have an amazing experience.”

Share Bonding Time: Travel experiences bring people closer together. Whether it’s exploring a new city, enjoying theme park adventures, or relaxing on a cruise, these moments strengthen bonds and create stories to tell for years.

Relieve Stress for Everyone: Travel is a great way to escape the daily grind and recharge. Giving the gift of an experience this Christmas means giving a break from routine, allowing your loved ones to relax and rejuvenate. Who doesn’t need that type of break from the “real world”? 

Of course, not every trip is for everyone. Some people prefer relaxing in the islands while others want the thrill of a theme park. The options are endless but we know it can feel overwhelming to narrow it down. Check out these ideas to get your wheels turning. 

Types of Travel Experiences to Give

Cruise Vacations: A cruise is an all-in-one vacation with luxurious amenities, diverse destinations, and endless entertainment. Whether it’s a Disney Cruise with beloved characters or a relaxing Royal Caribbean cruise, if they love a little adventure and a whole lot of crystal-clear, blue water, it’s a dream gift!

All-Inclusive Resorts: Treat your loved ones to the ultimate relaxation at an all-inclusive resort, like any of the incredible Sandals Resorts. With everything from gourmet dining to activities galore, they can unwind without a worry in the world. Plus, the views are picture-perfect!

Theme Park Trips: Imagine the joy of surprising your family with a trip to Disney World or Universal Studios. The thrilling rides and enchanting shows offer magical experiences for all ages!

But here’s the deal, the sooner you can start planning a trip, the better. DWB Vacations is here to help you find the best value at the best places with the best experiences. 

Why Start Planning Now?

Access to the Best Value: The best travel value and accommodations get booked early. By planning in July, you ensure that you have access to the most desirable options for your Christmas gift.

Financial Flexibility: Starting early gives you the flexibility to take advantage of payment plans. Spread out the cost over several months and make the gift more manageable on your budget.

Stress Relief: By organizing your travel gifts now, avoid the stress of last-minute planning. You can relax and enjoy the holiday season, knowing everything is taken care of.

Get Started with DWB Vacations

Imagine the look on your loved ones’ faces when they receive a beautifully wrapped package revealing an exciting trip planned just for them. It’s a surprise they’ll never forget! 

DWB Vacations is here to help you give an experience this Christmas. Whether you want to travel at Christmas or gift it for another time, we have the inside track on the best value and destinations for cruises, resorts, theme parks and much more. We are here to help you celebrate all the special moments from a birthday to spring break to an anniversary and anywhere in between. DWB Vacations has the expertise you need to give an experience that will create lasting memories. Contact us today to start planning.

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