Comparing Credit Card Travel Protection to Tradition Travel Protection

DWB Vacations strongly recommends travel protection on any trip you purchase! Travel Insured International is our preferred provider for travel protection. Below is their blog post explaining the differences between the protection your credit card offers and the coverage of a traditional travel protection plan like the ones offered by DWB Vacations from Travel Insured International. 


 credit vs travel protection
A common practice among travelers is choosing not to buy travel protection because they believe their credit cards have enough protection. What they may not realize is there can be significant differences between credit card travel protection and traditional travel protection. Those differences can really affect travelers if things go wrong on their trips.

Here are 3 differences to keep in mind:

Credit Cards May Not Offer Choices

Although many credit cards offer travel insurance, your credit card may not offer a variety of coverage options to pick from. Also, your card may only be able to provide protection for trip costs purchased on that card1. It’s best to check a credit card’s benefit summary or contact a company directly to see what travel protection they offer or include2. However, by purchasing a plan from Travel Insured, you can choose from among several different plans.

Credit Card Benefits May Be Limited

Credit cards that do offer travel protection may offer fewer benefits than a traditional travel protection plan3. Some cards with travel protection may offer trip cancellation/interruption, trip delay, lost baggage, and rental car protection1,3. They also may offer limited or no medical protection, medical evacuation, or emergency evacuation coverages1, 3. Those benefits may vary by card or not exist at all.

At Travel Insured, we offer those benefits and more.  Benefits like:

  • Cancel for Any Reason
  • Significant medical protection
  • Significant medical evacuation protection

More benefits mean more comprehensive coverage for your trip, and who wouldn’t want that?

Credit Card Companies May Have Limited Covered Reasons

For both credit card and traditional travel protection plans, a traveler’s situation must fit a covered reason in order to be eligible for certain benefits, such as trip cancellation or trip interruption. Credit card plans may have a limited set of covered reasons for benefit eligibility2, 3. In comparison, Travel Insured’s Worldwide Trip Protector plan has 24 covered reasons that can make a traveler eligible for trip cancellation or trip interruption benefits.


Before you settle for what a credit card company has to offer in terms of travel protection, ask your DWB Vacations Travel Advisor for more information!


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