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What you can do to make vacations less stressful


I, like so many of you, am a parent. We live in a day and age where everything that we do as parents is posted on social media almost the instant we do it. We get inspiration for things to do with our children from Pinterest, order them matching shirts on Etsy and spend hours micro planning every detail of our day because we Pinterest somehow feel if we don’t we will be judged for not doing so, or worse, we will let our children down. What does all of this bring us-  nothing but stress! This stress is intensified when we try to plan the perfect vacation for our children. I will let you all in on a little secret though. It is possible to plan your dream vacation without it being a stress filled, panic attack, melt down experience. Here are some ways it can be done. 


Extend Your Time

While not always an option, taking longer vacations can eliminate a lot of the stress associated with your trip. In general people take two types of vacations. The first is where they plan to do as little as possible. The second and more common one is where they plan to do as much as possible. Whether it be on a cruise, in an all inclusive resort or at a theme park the temptation to see and do everything is great. When you plan a shorter vacation and then add in this temptation it is easy to become stressed. The goal of trying to fit everything in and not leave anything out in a small time frame can absolutely ruin a vacation. Adding in even j

ust one day of rest in the middle of your vacation can elevate that problem. Adding a few extra days makes the problem non-existent from the very beginning.


Go with the Flow

If you are a planner this is easier said than done. However the reality is that just because you are on vacation

Serenity Bay

the every day life events that pop up in your regular life that cause you to change your plans, don’t disappear when you are on vacation. Maybe its a change in the weather, or your spouse forgets the room key, or kid number one is screaming because they wanted the blue one and kid number two has the blue one. Whatever it is that causes a sudden change in your plans, go with it. A willingness to change your plans on the spot to accommodate whatever has happened is a great way to save your vacation.The more flexible you are the less stressed and upset you will become if there is a change of plans during your trip. This will allow you to enjoy the moment instead of focusing on the what could have been. Not one single ride, parade, meal, or attraction has to ruin your vacation. Your vacation memories are made by a collection of moments; not a single event. 


Lower your Expectations

I can hear the gasp that just escaped your mouth, but hear me out. I know you have spent thousands of dollars on this vacation, you have planned every detail, bought new clothes and shoes, and are ready to 

have the perfect vacation. However the reality is that nothing, absolutely nothing in this world is perfect. If you begin your trip with the idea that everything must be perfect or you will in someway failed (either as a parent, spouse, planner,etc.) then you will stress over every minute of your trip trying to ensure that it is in fact perfect so that you in turn do not fail. However, if you take the view point that there will be things that might go wrong (lost luggage, cranky child, bad weather) and that these things do not reflect on you or your desire to give your family a memorable vacation you will be able to roll with these moments and truly enjoy your time with your loved ones. Even terrible vacations can turn into cherished family memories that you can laugh together over for years to come. Having the mindset that there is no such thing as a perfect vacation will help you to have a much less stressful and way more enjoyable vacation. And as I said above, not one single ride, parade, meal, or attraction has to ruin your vacation. Your vacation memories are made by a collection of moments; not a single event.


Book with a Travel Advisor

We are here to help make your vacation as stress free as possible. There are so many benefits to booking your vacation with a DWB Vacations travel advisor, but perhaps the largest one is that you are able to receive our expert planning, advice, and problem solving.

Plan with DWB VacationsWe plan as much or as little as you would like so we are perfect for both the clients who want to plan every detail themselves, and the one who just wants to show up to a wonderfully planned vacation.

are on call 24/7 for you while you are traveling. So if you do have an emergency or have something go terribly wrong, we are able to step in and fix the problem, while you continue your vacation. Having a travel advisor is like having your own personal fairy godmother watching over you, making sure you are protected from things that can ruin your vacation.


Vacations are suppose to be a time to enjoy and relax with your loved ones. While they can be stressful at times it is important to remove that stress so that you are able to unwind and recharge. Following these few simple suggestions can help to erase some major stresses learning to a much more enjoyable vacation. Of course booking your vacation with a DWB Vacations advisor can help ensure that not only is the vacation less stressful, but the planning is too. 

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