The Lights of Disney

Coral Reef light fixtures
Light in the lobby of Coral Reef

One of the things that makes Disney so special is the attention to detail that is given.  From the cast member’s costuming to having no public restrooms in Liberty Square at Disney World, Disney works to ensure that everything works together to make you feel like you are lost in the setting you are in. This is even true of the lighting around the Disney Parks & resorts and the Disney Cruise Line ships.  I have developed a mild obsession with the light fixtures of Disney.  It started on an early trip to Disney World with a lunch at Coral Reef in Epcot.

Throughout our visits to the parks, the resorts and the cruise ships, I am continually amazed at the detail in the light fixtures and how someting as simple as a light is used to tell the story of whatever location you are in. Many Disney fanatics can determine a location based on something as simple as a picture of a light because of how each one is specific to the theme of wherever it is located.

Animation Hall light
The retangles are each a cell from one of the movies represented at Art of AnimationLight fixture on Disney Dream
Disney Dream
Light fixture greeting you as you board


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